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Bamboo Stir Sticks

Bamboo Stir Sticks

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Keep your glassware safe from scratches while using the Yama Bamboo Stir Stick. It’s naturally contoured to fit your hand for comfort and made of eco-friendly bamboo. Preferred by baristas because it won’t absorb or alter the heat of your coffee brew. Bamboo Stir Sticks from Yama Glass are designed to aid in brewing with vacuum pot coffee brewers such as siphon, french press, carafe, or other glass coffeemakers.


  • Made to keep your hands safe while you brew coffee.
  • Bamboo doesn’t absorb or alter the heat of your brew.
  • Thickness is 3/16 of an inch.
  • Dimensions are 9¾ inches long.
  • Material is bamboo.